All Things Writing

Author Interview: Darin Kennedy

February 08, 2022 Bryan the Writer Season 3 Episode 4
All Things Writing
Author Interview: Darin Kennedy
Show Notes

Good Day to you!

I had the greatest fortune to meet author Darin Kennedy at a show we were doing. Wonderful show and a great time. I recently read his book, Necromancer for Hire and I wanted to get him on the show to talk about the book, his current works, and everything in between. Check out Darin and I as we talk about all kinds of things to include writing, art, music, and his bird watching habit. We will also chat about:

  • What got him started in horror?
  • Necromancy? Was there some particular attraction? 
  • How does being a medial professional look at how the main character approaches her job?
  • How did the idea of April the Necromancer come about?
  • How did he decide on the Janus Blade as both a weapon and a tool at the same time?
  • Where does her love interest, Gavin, end up in the grand arc that is April's life?
  • We leave Julian LaMorte in an precarious place. Interesting. One gets the impression this was certainly on purpose. Why did he leave the story line where he did?
  • Is he a just a fan of classical music or just Pictures at an Exhibition in general?
  • How does art influence his writing?
  • Being a doctor is a busy job. How does he find time for it all and what does he get out of it at the end?
  • He and I will discuss his writing process.

Want to know more about Darin? You can check out his website here!

You can also check out his Amazon Author page here!

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