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Author Interview: Sidney Williams

March 02, 2022 Bryan Nowak/Sidney Williams Season 3 Episode 6
All Things Writing
Author Interview: Sidney Williams
Show Notes

This episode, and a few of the upcoming episodes are going to be special in that I am doing interviews of Horror Writer Association, Virginia Chapter members. I have been a member of that association for quite a long time now, as far as being a member of anything goes and I am happy to say that it has me pretty busy working with other authors on a bunch of different things.

It is that association which put me in contact with so many interesting people and I have been super fortunate to make some pretty long lasting friendships in the process.

One of the things we do is have a chapter table at various events where we get to talk about how the HWA is an international organization dedicated to horror and really is the only one of its kind anywhere. You don’t have to be a horror writer. You can be a supporting member if you just really like horror and hanging around horror authors.

So, it should not shock anyone that my next guest is a member of that organization with a pretty interesting tale to tell not just about horror, but he is a multi-genre author like I am. Want to know more, check out this episode where we talk with author Sidney Williams.

We are going to talk about all kinds of things; 

  • His history and the wide depth and breadth of things he has done.
  • His favorite thing to teach.
  • Three things every writer should know or do to make their writing stronger?
  • His influences.
  • His favorite horror novel and How about movie?
  • What did he fall in love with first and how did his other interests come along?
  • He'll tell us about Fools Run, his latest book and the follow-on book.

Visit Sidney online at

Twitter: @Sidney_Williams



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