All Things Writing

Author Interview: Mark Mellon

May 10, 2022 Bryan Nowak/Mark Mellon Season 3 Episode 13
All Things Writing
Author Interview: Mark Mellon
Show Notes

Do any of you remember who our guest is this week? Here is a hint. He is a novelist as well as an attorney who loves to write two fisted, hardboiled, blood and guts pulp fiction. 

Why would I want to keep you in suspense? Welcome to my guest this week, Mr. Mark Mellon. 

Listen to Mark while we talk about:

  • What is his favorite genre and why
  •  How did he get interested in Noir
  • How does the day job influence what he writes
  • Longer fiction over short.
  • How do you manage your writing life? I know that for me there are tons of other competing priorities, and I am sure with the day job it can get a little rough.
  •  What advice can you give someone out there who is trying to balance life with writing?
  •  What are you working on now?
  • I want to remind everyone that next week is a week off for me, but after that I will be back with something amazing that you are just not going to believe you are hearing.

Tune in next week. I got to sit down with a man who has single handedly changed the world of writing and opened up a genre to tons of new readers. I will have that interview for you in a mostly uncut form. You won’t believe who I had the chance to sit down with. 

Thank you again for hanging out with us. For all things writing, this is Bryan and Mark, signing off.

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