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Author Interview: Russell James with his latest book, "Demon Dagger"

May 31, 2022 Bryan Nowak/Russell James Season 3 Episode 14
All Things Writing
Author Interview: Russell James with his latest book, "Demon Dagger"
Show Notes

Some of you will remember I did a review of the novel, The Playing Card Killer. I very much enjoyed that book and jumped at the chance to read and review Russell James's next book, Demon Dagger.

Join us today as we talk about his latest work, how he crafted his novel, why he did what he did, and why he did not do what he could have done on this episode of All Things Writing. We will talk about all kinds of things including;

  • A walkthrough of your latest offering, Demon Dagger
  •  I love the idea of a protagonist who can see demons. Where did that idea come from?
  •  In the beginning of the book, you make it clear that the relationship between Drew and his wife Anna is a difficult one. Tell us why you added that as an element to the story?
  • Keeping in the theme of family, something happens to Drew and Anna’s only son. I have to tell you that I did not see that coming. But it sets up the rest of the book nicely. There is a conventional wisdom in writing that dictates we, as writers, should be careful when we are dealing with children in horror. Explain your thought process in framing what you did concerning their son.
  •  I love the idea of a rickety old dagger becoming a formidable weapon only in the presence of a demon. Where did that idea come from?
  •  Let’s talk cars for a moment or two. Gabriella, a classic muscle car, plays an important role in this story. Talk about the relationship between the car, Drew, and the character of Lincoln.
  •  What do you think is the central message of the book Demon Dagger?
  •  We leave Anna and Drew with their weapons. Will see them again?
  •  Where can people find you work?

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