All Things Writing

Interview: Alex Grass

July 05, 2022 Bryan Nowak/Eric Grass Season 3 Episode 17
All Things Writing
Interview: Alex Grass
Show Notes

Today I interview the amazing Alex Grass, the author of the book A Boy's Hammer, and many other amazing books. We talked about music, books, and how he cracks the nut that is writing.

Join us as we talk about all kinds of things like...

  • His amazing background
  • His connection to mortuary school
  • How he discovered that he wanted to be a writer?”
  • His writing process
  • The importance the book Doctor Sleep has played in his life
  • In his own words, what is A Boy's Hammer about?Tell us a little bit it about it
  • What should they know about A Boy’s Hammer?
  • Most importantly, where can people find his work?

Great interview that you will not want to miss. Check it out!

Want to know more about Alex? Check him out here!

Thank you for joining us today. And we mention a video on how Amazon makes books after you order them. Here is the link if you are interested in watching the video.

-Bryan the Writer

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