All Things Writing

Author Interview: Kim Alexander

August 09, 2022 Bryan Nowak/Kim Alexander Season 3 Episode 21
All Things Writing
Author Interview: Kim Alexander
Show Notes

Join me on this interview of the multi-talented Kim Alexander where we are going to talk a little about her writing life and a lot about her writing, books, and other things. Join us for a fun and sometimes funny chat.

On this week's episode we are going to talk about:

  • Her interview with the master himself, Stephen King
  • What makes a good fantasy novel? 
  • Of course my favorite topic, character development
  • Pitfalls that new authors make when they try and write fantasy
  • What the heck is epic fantasy anyway 
  • What drove her to write fantasy
  • She'll talk about her wonderful New World Magic series
  • What drove you to write that series
  • She's tells us about her other series as well
  • And,  the most important thing I ask, where do we find her books

During the show we talk about her editor, Carly. I wanted to give a shout out to her so people know where to find her information. Check out Book Light at

And of course I cannot forget my own wonderful editor, Katherine Mcintyre
You can find her here!

Thanks for listening and remember to check out her here!

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