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Chatting with Cozy Author Amy E. Lilly

March 06, 2021 Bryan the Writer/Amy E. Lilly Season 2 Episode 7
All Things Writing
Chatting with Cozy Author Amy E. Lilly
Show Notes

Last show was all about mysteries. We talked about different types of mysteries, stuff I have read, stuff I loved to read and some of you will remember I made an admission that day. I admitted to liking a good cozy mystery from time to time.

Which brings me to something amazing that happened. I am so happy to announce my next guest, someone who wrote a book I loved, called “Death is Long Overdue.” So yes, I am talking about the wonderful Amy E. Lilly.

In this episode we talk about all kinds of things like:

  • What inspired you to write the cozy mysteries in the first place? Was there a particular attraction to the genre you had?
  • Phee Jefferson hits on one of the most important aspects of characters I need to see in order to be truly into a book is if I care about them. And I found myself caring about her. Where did you come up with her?
  • I know you have a thing for libraries, and so does Phee who works in a library if I remember correctly, what part of you is in Phee?
  • Let’s talk about the series, how many are there in the Phee series. Actually, why don’t you tell us a little about all of your books.
  • Why do you think people like cozies? I know why I enjoy them, but I am curious what your fans have told you

See you next week where I think we are going to dissect the horror genre. Thanks for joining us. This is Bryan the Writer and Amy E. Lilly, signing off.

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