All Things Writing

Meet The Writing Coach, Ann Kroeker

June 19, 2021 Bryan the Writer/Ann Kroeker Season 2 Episode 17
All Things Writing
Meet The Writing Coach, Ann Kroeker
Show Notes

Welcome to the show! Today I have the distinct pleasure of talking with the amazing writing coach, Ann Kroeker. Join Ann and I while we talk about all kinds of things. Here are only a few topics we covered during this episode.

  • What is it that a writing coach can do for a writer?
  • What are reasonable goals, do you feel, for a new writer who is just starting out and trying to navigate these waters we call writing?
  • Outside of hiring a writing coach, what advice would you give someone in terms of resources to explore? 
  • Where do you see the writing world going and what is the best way to prepare for that?
  • What media do you like in the future and do you think it is time for us to start looking away from Facebook and twitter to the next thing? What is that thing?
  • When should we engage writing coaches?
  • What are my options for right sizing a relationship with a writing coach? And maybe tell us a little bit about what we should look for in that relationship.

Are you interested in knowing more about what Ann can do for you? Check her out at

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